I really wanted to say, “…and the Wolves of Isengard!”

(So I think this is a rant at the preppers out there… But mostly it was just something that has been on my mind of late. )

Sheeple. Every where!

(Ooo… A sheeple Quiz! <— I found this gem while looking for suitable images. LOL. You are laughing, yes? NO?! Then you are taking yourself too seriously.)

Sheeple are people who behave like sheep. Sheep are herded, corralled, sheered  and slaughtered on the whim of someone else. Up until the moment the actual ‘event’ is happening to the sheep, it is absolutely content gnawing grass and being herded, corralled and sheered.

When I read the term sheeple – some where on the interwebs –  I laughed.  That kind of laugh when you know something is true, it is bad and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sheeple like sheep are just who they are. They just are – well… not stupid. Just content with the status quo and not really concerned as long as things have a veil of safety and security and of course there is food! They are incapable of seeing or perhaps appreciating danger until it is right upon them, perhaps because they are too busy being busy little grass feeders, doing as they are told.

No one gets mad at a sheep for doing sheepy things. Why would anyone take issue with sheeple for doing sheepley things?  (<—- rant at the preppers.)

The problem is not the sheeple.

The problem is the sheepherders. The good sheepherders.

There has never been a flock of sheep that did well in the wild without a competent shepherd. Sheep out in the wild get eaten. (They have no survival skills you know! Not even the sense to be quiet…. besides, they smell up the place for miles around.)

Shepherds…? Where are you?

I was musing to someone that the problem is – some where in the 50s and 60s – the shepherds stopped training the new generation of shepherds. So in the 70s and 80s there were none to be trainers, herders and caregivers. (Of course I might  be wrong, but the general idea is sound. No one teaches that there should be sheeple and shepherds.)


What exists now is a country full of sheeples (all snug  little lamb chops in the urban and suburban quarters) and a government that is only wolves (BTW, sticking with the current analogy – the government and just about any system you can name – all eventually become wolves.)

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.
-Edward R Murrow

Still. Like a sheeple is a sheeple and an wolf is a wolf, a shepherd is a shepherd. No training needed really – though I admit, having some guidance and the wise hand of an experienced person would have been ideal.

Hey. Life is unfair. Get over it…

Also to the shepherds—-> You do kinda have to WAKE UP! And then little shepherd, you have to find your sheeple and your sheep dog. A good working dog is a fantastic asset. And you kinda need to get you a little bit of a hurry going there… (the sheep are about to be eaten.)

And just in case you might feel confused – Shepherds are not always pastors and religious men. Sometimes those roles fall to sheeple also. The job of the shepherd is to protect the life of the sheep – to be the anti-wolf so that everything remains in balance and not too many sheeple are lost.