One of my neighbours fell into this hole. She visited some site, a bit of javascript locked the browser, she became afraid and frustrated and called the number on the screen. Had she had $300 they would have taken her to the cleaners. Fortunately, she is not savvy enough nor patient enough for them to run the completed scam on her. She waited for me…

(Let us all take a moment to think about how that would have gone had I called the scammers.)

People  – Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, and the IRS will !!NEVER!! call you! NEVER! Oh gosh, it cannot be stressed enough! Gigantic companies like these do not have the time and do not invest the manpower and resources to be monitoring you like these scammers say.

If you get one of these calls – HANG UP. If you are unsure or anxious, get an official number – the back of your credit card, from the official website or from your bill – and call them directly.
Here is the official IRS site on scams

Anyway, I was really focused on Microsoft tech support scams. Here is there official site:

Also, here is a really HILARIOUS pranking the scammer video. Gosh, I wish I had the time!

I did clear the browser. I just opened a new window and closed the old one.  Cleared the cache, searched the history and cleared the last few hours of it and that was it. Took less than 10 minutes. I tried not to berate her. She’s a nice old lady.

BTW – Google Chrome is the WORST offender for these things. Ugh.