Laugh. Out. Loud.

So apparently while I was out actually having a life, people (in the West?) swallowed a rather large pill of insipid immaturity, began to regress, which led to some very interesting ideas in the world and those ideas got one Paul Joseph Watson on a bit of a tear (what is it about these blue eyed males…?!).

I gather he does this type of thing for a living. Poor guy. Doesn’t he know stupid people will make his head explode.

Anyway, this particular video had me laughing. People, at the university level, actually teach and believe and act this way. At UNI?! OMG. We’re in trouble. What happens to a nation when the Hallowed Halls of Higher Education is a preschool nursery…?

What the hell is a safe space? And if you need one why are you out in the adult world?! Sweeties, the real world isn’t safe. It’s quite dangerous.


For Shits and Grins as we say, here’s Paul!