A cautionary tale

Back in June I wrote a whiny post about the AIP that I was then enduring. Yes, enduring just about summed it up.

I bumped through having good and terrible days. Mostly the Almond milk and almond butter did me in. And then there was the scrambled eggs, cooked in butter and sprinkled with cheese. And once, homemade meat sauce served on a ginormous salad…

The further off the path I got, the more difficult it became to maintain even my Paleo lifestyle.

I was so beset with temptations for foods I would not otherwise care to eat. It was bad. One day there were pizza (dead wheat, sugar with oil and bad cow milk) , doughnuts(dead wheat, sugar with oil and more sugar) and apple pie(dead wheat, sugar with oil and dead fruit). And then I had a ‘baking bread’ craze. Homemade loaves right out of the oven – slathered with honey and butter. Seriously. It was bad. I told myself, “I just needed to smellllllll iiiiitttttt!!!!”

Yes sir! I began cooking a lot of foods that I wanted to eat and then tortured myself by not eating it and complaining the whole time.


It all became a bit much. So I decided that I would get off the protocol and add back at least my paleo comfort, namely eggs, nuts, and tomatoes.

The results are somewhat terrifying.

I am currently covered, head to toe, in what I inaccurately describe as dandruff. I itch like I have been slathered in poison ivy, I have nerve pain in my extremities and I keep falling asleep as I am tremendously fatigued. And the migraines.

This has been a very miserable week.

I suggest to anyone who embarks on the AIP to have a solid exit strategy. If you remove your triggers and then add them in too soon or too many at a time you may  find your reactions are intense. Possibly life threatening.

Tomorrow I will start a course of IF (intermittent fasting) and then a detox. Then back to AIP I think since I need to discover if it is eggs or tomatoes that are the ‘biggies’. I have not decided as it maybe more convenient to simply have some blood tests.

One other observation I will make-

I do think part of the AIP that was really the killer was not the AIP itself, but the fact that I am generally a low sodium eater. So everything always tastes sweet. Even radicchio has a sweet back flavour… Salad tastes sweet – there is something wrong with that! The idea that herbs replaces salt is laughable. Only salt is salty. So this second round I am filling up the salt mill.

And getting some ‘bread’ recipes that do not involve coconut flour.  Meh!