If you do not know what Paleo is Google it. But in short it is a grain and legume free diet that turns a rather critical eye on how the modern way of eating healthy is killing the population.

If you are Paleo you have completely embraced the fat – animal fat that is – and you shun the bread.

I am Paleo – fully fat adapted. I really do not like bacon, though I will eat it. AND I HATE CHICKEN! BONELESS SKINLESS CHICKEN BREASTS ARE THE SPAWN OF SATAN!!!!!

(I should insert here that this is really a rant and probably nothing much to learn that you could not find googling.  Sorry.)

Grilled meats

Paleo staples – what People think Paloites eat. (also indigestion!)

Paleo is not about stuffing your face with fat.

I eat large quantities of vegetables, a smaller quantity of fruits and that is balanced out with animal fat and animal protein.  My meals are infrequent since I am almost never hungry. I am almost never hungry because fat is filling.  It also does not cause brain fog or the 3’oclock “OMG! I cannot stay awake, where is my coffee?!” I do not miss that at all. Especially since I do not drink coffee on a regular basis.

I do not miss a host of other issues that affected many parts of my body – skin, nervous systems, heart…

And I sleep better. Yay for sleep!!

All these health issues were in part one of the reasons I started looking at the Paleo lifestyle. I always ate pretty well. I do not particularly like eating out and as a result cooked all my own food. I was pretty careful too. For a long time, because of some of my medications (I had a lot of medicines) I ate a very low sodium, low glycemic diet – no salt, no fat, no sugar. It was mostly organic (packaged and fresh foods) but followed the modern idea of what is healthy.  And I exercised – when I was not feeling like the walking dead.

And I was still dying.

The first thing that improved when I went paleo was my sleep. All of my life I have been an insomniac. I had sleeping pills that I was supposed to take. They only made me foggy and…stupid!

The second thing that improved was my IBS like symptoms. Then my skin cleared up and my hair grew back in (probably because I fired my doctors and stopped taking all those damned pills – Not that I think you should do that mind you. You could die – a horrible death.)

Finally the feeling returned to my legs and I knew that I was not ‘inevitably going to be wheelchair bound’. Paleo was it.

Enter the Autoimmune Protocol

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol calls for the further elimination of

  • nuts
  • seeds (includes mustard seeds, pepper corns…)
  • nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, sweet/bell peppers, spicy peppers, paprika…)
  • Dairy (eggs, especially the whites, butter, yogurts and milk, which technically is not Paleo…)

So my current diet restricts

  • grains (all wheat, corn, rice)
  • legumes (peanuts, beans and peas)
  • Refined seed oils (except olive and palm oils – maybe)
  • added/processed sugars (sometimes even Honey, sucanat and rapadura)
  • salt
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • nightshades including peppers
  • Dairy and eggs

The Auto Immune Protocol attempts to eliminate any thing that could potentially irritate the gut and cause inflammation which is an auto immune response and is absolutely BAD FOR YOU!

The Auto Immune Protocol SUCKS ASS. (<—Rant)

And I feel like a cheating spouse. (Today it was with Kettle cooked potato chips!  What in the world?! My stomach feels like it is going to explode and my spine is on fire) (<— whine)

I think I might have jumped into the deep end.

Because I am now severely restricted in what I can eat, food and the feeding of me is always a top priority and causes me a great deal of anxiety. I went low fat, low sodium, low sugar with ease, because there still remained a lot of food options, easy to prepare and readily available. On the AIP, I do not eat any packaged foods at all. The longer I am on it the more ‘immediately reactive’ I am to certain things, so I have to be incredibly careful.

My husband said, “But Hari, you can cook!”

He seemed pretty darned confused as to why I was bawling like a newborn baby on the floor.

Now that I have to cook and finding recipes that I like is such a challenge, I do not want to cook. (<— totally human reaction! Yes?!)

I do not think I am going to make it through the six months that we had set as the test time. And I am pretty sure that I will never be able to have tomatoes again. So I am really, really depressed – no tomatoes. Think about all the yummy foods that excludes.


Maybe there is a substitute for tomatoes…?