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Last year, I chopped off my hair.
Previously it was a very dark brown (almost black), relaxed and coloured a honey brown in the front. I loved the cut, bangs in the front long back longer so I could have  a swinging pony tail.

When I had that hair style my niece gave me the avatar I currently use every where.

Now, I have a new cut. actually I do not have any particular cut. I chopped off the processed hair and let my normal hair grow out. I have not seen this hair since I was nine. It is thick and curly, and a deep, glossy black. It also has magnificent poof-age or shrinkage as it is known in the Natural Community. My hair frames my face like a lion’s mane – it is a ‘fro.

I have taken to playing in it. Alot.

And I always wear it out. Last night I had it braided – took a long time to put those things in – wore it for a few hours and then took them out. I did not like it.

new avatar

Before and after


After pulling the braids out I was sitting in my fave chair giving myself a scalp massage. This is a seriously enjoyable activity. I usually get someone to do this for me (usually a particular blue eyed distraction) but really any willing and able pair of hands work, including my own.

Massages mousse up my do. This last was no exception. But hey, I was enjoying myself until:

“You look like a chia pet!”

And some deep, male laughter.

Now, given that yes, my hair was standing straight out I could see why he would think that.


No sane male would say that to any female that he actually likes.

I was not amused. And he knows it.

Moving on…

We were putting together the new avatar to reflect my new do. A little boy, aged 5, came in and stared at the pictures. Then volunteered

“This one is ugly!”

He was pointing to the ‘fro chick’ on the right in the image above. O.o

The images are identical, right to the clothing and hair band. The only difference is the hair.

Of course this was a conversation to be had. I am still recovering.