white sugar cubes

The Sweet Poison


May 2013.

May I never again crave a single grain of this little white addiction.

I am back at it again. Trying to shake the sugar monster. Not that I eat this refined white sugar. Far from it! Sugar in my diet comes in the form of sucanant (dried cane juice); raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey; fresh, dried and frozen fruit; and sweet potatoes!

I have noticed a decided impact of all this wholesome sweetness on me. I am tired – much like before – I have cravings, and suffer from that 3pm crash and dandruff. Sigh. I thought I was so over the dandruff.

Sugar, or perhaps a better term, ‘high gylcemic foods’  have a marked and measurable impact on me. The dandruff being the most annoying and the almost narcoleptic, dropsy behavior the scariest.

So May begins the endeavor to leave the sweet behind. And has it ever been a challenge! Oy! I thought, “oh, just stop eating the fruit. It is so easy!”


I have withdrawal headaches and serious, grumpy making, cravings. I am eating ALL THE TIME. I cannot believe how ridiculous it is. And this is not the white, refined stuff. This is the best, most expensive honey you can get! Why is it doing this to me????!!!!! (That was a whine; just in case you did not know)

Oh well. Just goes to show you two things

  1. Sugar is sugar
  2. Once a junkie, always a junkie!

I hope June will be easier.

Fight on!